SEO Vs Google Ads – Which One Is Better?

SEO Vs Google Ads

Companies and shops that have created a website to showcase their products/services would definitely like as many potential customers to seek out it. However, they ought to find how for his or her website to land on top of search results. When viewers are ready to search their products/services on Google, their webpage is displayed in either organic search results or Google paid ads.

Organic Search Results and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

People can find organic search results slightly below paid ads. If businesses wish to rank among the highest in organic search results, they need to optimize their site.

Google’s first and foremost objective is to direct users to the foremost relevant, top quality content associated with the subject they’re searching for.

Search Engine Optimization Advantages & Disadvantages

Google Paid Ads – Google AdWords

Pay Per Click (PPC) is paid ads on Google which will be seen within the first 3 positions, somewhere on the proper side and sometimes at rock bottom. Google AdWords helps businesses by letting them create a campaign.

Google AdWords


It is best to mix both methods. To optimize a website the right way from the start and prime it with content, it’s best to form ads on Google. To draw more visitors or potential customers to a site, they will prefer to use Google AdWords.



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